TuckTats Story

"I wish there was something I could put on my tummy tuck scar so I don't feel like people are staring at it when I'm wearing my bikini at the beach."

And with that one simple sentence, TuckTats was born. We were catching up on each others lives over a rare breakfast meet-up one frigid January morning and one of us was looking forward to a beach vacation while the other listened, wistfully.    

Believing everyone should have the option to fashionably cover-up their abdominal scars and other body blemishes, we set out to create safe, high-quality, realistic looking temporary tattoos.  

We are mature professional women and moms enjoying our post baby-making lives.  Between us, we have four kids and a multitude of abdominal scars we proudly bear as the result of caesarian section, abdominoplasty and laparoscopy.   

While our abdominal scars are different, they are consistent in how they look and feel, including being extremely sensitive to touch, red and purple in colour, thick, ridged, uneven, and one even runs from hip to hip.  

Despite being told things like, ‘Don’t worry, the cut will be below the bikini line’, it is impossible to wear sexier styles of clothing without our abdominal scars prominently showing.  And of course, for the hot looking partners in our lives, those bikinis come off every once in a while too. 

Truth be told, we live in a society where people still negatively judge scars, ask silly questions about them and stare in wonder.  TuckTats temporary tattoos are our solution to safely transform scars and body blemishes into body art, on those days you want to flaunt yourself and wear sexier styles of clothing-- or nothing at all!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Denise & Amanda