Confidently, fashionably, and safely cover-up abdominal scars, stretch marks and body blemishes.

Best temporary tattoos to cover up tummy tuck, c-section, cesarean and Diep flap scars.

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Designed to look like realistic tattoos, TuckTats lasts 5-7 days even after work-outs, sun exposure, and extended periods of swimming in salt and chlorine.


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I LOVED how it looked and got a ton of compliments on it...A really cool and fun product that I'll definitely try again!


Love them, very easy to apply... Mine stayed on 4 weeks with showers, swimming and hot tubs. I bought three more!

T. D.


NipTuck Talk Show Podcast

Denise O'Connell is the Co-founder of TuckTats. Denise had a tummy tuck and knew that there was a possibility that she would not heal well. Her scar did in fact not heal well and was placed high on her abdomen.  Denise loved her new body and wanted to wear a bikini. She tried scar cream and silicone but the scar still looked angry. She was sick of wearing high wasted bikinis. Tune in to listen to how Denise solved this problem for her and women everywhere that have abdominal scars. TuckTats are beautiful professionally designed temporary tattoos.