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What are TuckTats?

How long and wide are TuckTats?

Can I customize my TuckTat?

Where are TuckTats manufactured?

Can I apply lotion and oil on my temporary tattoo?

Do TuckTats Provide Sun Coverage?

Can I fold or roll TuckTats?

If I have extremely sensitive skin, can I wear TuckTats?

Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients & Packaging

Are TuckTats safe?

What are TuckTats made of?

Ingredients List

What type of ink and adhesives are used in TuckTats?


How long do TuckTats last?

Apply and Remove

Are TuckTats easy to apply?

What's the best way to remove TuckTats?

Can I apply TuckTats on a new incision?

Recyclable & Biodegradable

Can I recycle TuckTats packaging?

What can I put in curbside recycling?

What is biodegradable?


How fast can I get TuckTats?

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Will I get a USPS tracking number?

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