How-to Apply TuckTats

1.  Get a cloth (or two paper towels), scissors and your TuckTats.

2.  Remove TuckTats from package.

3.  Read the 'Directions' located on the back.

4.  Optional.   If you prefer a better sense of visibility when aligning TuckTats over your scar, take scissors and carefully trim around the design.  

5.  Optional.  If you need to remove oils and make-up before application, grab rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad.  Soak cotton pad with rubbing alcohol.  Apply over the entire application area.  Let dry.

6.  Soak cloth (or paper towel) thoroughly in water.

7.  Remove clear, protective top sheet.

8.  Press tattoo firmly over scar with design facing down.

9.  Hold wet cloth (or paper towels) against back of tattoo, press down and make sure to wet it thoroughly.  

10.  Wait 30-seconds (don't hurry).  Peel off paper backing.

11.  Optional.  Gently rinse with water for best effect.

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